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Winter tour and Middle America tour


11th Little Room Philadelphia, PA
13th Read All Over Books Fredricksburg, VA FACEBOOK
14th Paper Mill House show Newark, DE FACEBOOK
19th House show Potluck Richmond, VA FACEBOOK
20th White Collar Crime Raleigh, NC (FREE)
21st House show UNC show Chapel Hill, NC
26th Conundrum Hall Columbia, SC FACEBOOK
27th the 567 gallery Macon, GA FACEBOOK
28th Trinity Art show Atlanta, GA FACEBOOK
29th ????????? Help? ?????
30th Retrofit Tallahasse, FL
31st House show Gainsville, FL (TBA)


1st New Orleans (HELP)
2nd Circle Bar w/ Native America NOLA
3rd NOLA
4th Sam's Lounge Jackson, MS
5th Austin (HELP)
MON 2/6: ???????
TUE 2/7:  Mohawk Austin, TX
WED 2/8:  Fayetteville TBA Grapevine / Ft. Wort (HELP)
FRI 2/10: The Empty Bottle Middle (America Release party!) Chicago, IL FACEBOOK
SAT 2/11: The Whistler DJ Set  Chicago, IL
SUN 2/12: Riverwest Public House Milwaukee, WI
MON 2/13:  DJ set somewhere???
TUE 2/14:  Mickey's W/ Asumaya MADISON
FRI 2/17:   Bourbon Theater Omaha, NE
SAT 2/18: Lost Lake Lounge Denver, CO

SUN 2/19 Lawrence, KS
WED 2/22 ST. LOUIS AREA (Cicero's, TBD)
FRI 2/24:   Ottowa Tavern, Toledo, OH

Seriously though! Help a brotha out. I just need to get to the south and then up to Chicago. I will play or DJ just about anywhere at this point. Thanks.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

My first college essay circa 2005

I found this today on my hard drive. My 19 year old self would be proud of me today.

Sounds Of the Underground. by, Shawn Rosenblatt

Just imagine going to see your favorite band of all time for only $8. Not only is the show so inexpensive, but you also walk into the venue and there are approximately 200 people there. The place is so small you can actually see the sweaty faces of every member of the band including the drummer without the use of binoculars or a big screen projector. Yes, this sounds extremely unlikely and, for the most part it is, but because I enjoy underground music so much, this is the scenario every time I go to see a band play. For those of you who don’t know, underground music (otherwise known as indie “independent” Rock) is a name given to artists and musicians who sign to very small record companies and not major labels (Capitol, Arista, Warner Bros., etc.). In doing this, they do not get airplay on the radio, a music video on MTV, or play those highly overpriced concert venues that I am sure you have attended before. Even though independent artists have to work harder to keep up a decent salary, they are entitled to complete and utter freedom and control of their own music and in the end have the longer and more successful careers than an artist who signs to a major label.
When Dave Mathews recorded his latest album, his record label actually rejected it because his CD had too many sad songs. The label in fact had him write new “happy” songs to put on the CD. When a musician signs to a major label, he is basically throwing all his freedom away as an artist. The label picks which one of the artist’s songs gets played on the radio, what he wears, how much money he can spend on things, and in some cases how he is supposed to act in public. That’s ridiculous! It has happened to almost every major label artist today and this is where the record company suckers a lot of really good musicians. Let's say an up and coming solo artist gets signed to Capitol Records. He gets a million-dollar advance with a promise that he will have a extraordinary career and right away he thinks he has made it big. The artist goes out and buys the Rolls Royce and the multi million-dollar mansion. Yet little does he know that when signed to a major label he will have to use that advance to pay for everything. This includes, the expensive music video, the ridiculous radio promotion cost, the North American tour, the limo rides, the recording time, the lawyers, the managers, and many other things that the artist didn’t think he would have to pay for just because he thought he hit it big on a large label. So if the artist didn’t score big on his first album or go platinum then he will most likely go bankrupt or have to try harder on their next album. This has happened to tons of musicians.
As for an Independent artist, he doesn’t have to worry about half the things a major label artist has to, due to the freedom and control he is given and not the million-dollar advance. Basically, when the artist doesn’t have to worry about making some ridiculous expensive music video, promoting his band for top forty radio, or trying to write the perfect hit to go platinum, he is actually being creative and writing mind-blowing albums. Aimee Mann a major label singer/songwriter from the eighties got fed up with her label and actually went on to an extremely successful career with an independent label she created on her own. When an artist has to drive a van to tour the country and play smaller venues, he is more in touch with fans and can come off as more of a normal person and not some stuck up celebrity. An indie artist will also have more time before and after shows to converse with fans since he doesn’t have a huge schedule of promotion. Regardless to popular belief, there is no such thing as hitting it big on a major label. The artist may one day get the platinum album, but that is done with tons of promotion and extra money and time not well spent. Although it seems like the major artist got it made, in reality the indie artists are the ones who have prosperous careers and go on to do bigger and better things.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Website, New Cassette Tape, and New Remix

Head over to Plus Tapes to pick up my first LP from the 50 songs 50 states project called Middle America. Kilo Records is helping me digitally release the record and also made this great website for me! Check it HERE

There you can stream and download a remix of the song Full of it from my Netherfriends does Nilsson album, which features Chi town rapper Show you Suck.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Solo set videos!

Check out these sweet live videos from Troy, NY.

Friday, September 23, 2011

FALL (in love every night)

Hey Friends,

In honor of the first day of fall, I decided to release this song I recorded yesterday during my 2 day break from tour. Enjoy. It's free, but if you want to donate a little cash go right ahead. Now go eat some apples and drink some pumpkin spiced beverages!



Thursday, September 15, 2011

Netherfriends does Baraka

I decided to redo the music to the movie Baraka. Here is part 1:

Here is Part 2

I used 2 loop pedals, guitar, synth, and vocals to create the music. No samples. Download the music here:

Monday, September 5, 2011

Netherfriends Does Nilsson

This is a sample album of Harry Nilsson songs. If you are unfamiliar with the man, you need to get familiar with the Beatles' favorite American singer/songwriter. Yes, he wrote the put the lime and coconut song and no I didn't sample it.

Dowload here:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Touring alone ain't so bad

Jose from Prisms

Trippy New Haven, Yo


Driving is boring

Portrait of Netherfriends by Ryan of Prisms

Rat Tail

Damnnnn, New Haven

Fuck You Urban Outfitters

Jake from Deerhaus sporting his China swag

This is where I slept in Chicago this past summer

Snacks and cigs in Lafayette

Jason from Ornery Little Darlings

Josh from Bring Your Ray Gun.

set up

NYC by

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hey Chicago,

As you may or may not know I have been inside you for the last 2 months and will be leaving you for 3 months of touring. I will be back again...maybe December (my favorite month in Chicago.)

You have 2 more chances to see Netherfriends in Chicago

7/29 Thursday- Viaduct show (Dance cards show)  w/ Ornery Little Darlings FACEBOOK
7/31 Milwaukee Arts Festival

Come hang out.

Photo by Dan Scotti

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Friday, July 8, 2011

European Tour 2011

Netherfriends are coming to Europe!  November 24th-December 18th. Dates are TBD, but I wanted to let the people know early. If you are a venue please contact Guillaume

This is also a good time to remind everyone that my bookbag was stolen in the spring and inside was my passport. Please help a broke musician get a new passport some musicccc!

Here are the dates: 

11-23- CZ/DE – Leipzig - Ilses Erika
11-24 – DE – Berlin – White trash fastfood
11-25 – DE – Hamburg/Kiel
11-26 – DK – Aarhus – Voxhall
11-27 – DK/NO – Oslo, Copenhagen- Musikcafeen
11-28 – DE/BE/NL – Free
11-29 – DE – Oberhausen, Gottingen, Manheim- Franz Melhoz
11-30 – DE – Munster, Aachen, Koln- Cafe central
12-01 – DE – Dresden
12-02 – CZ/DE – Prague, Munich, Augsburg, Regensburg
12-03 –CZ/DE – Prague, Munich, Augsburg, Regensburg
12-04 – AT – Vienna - Rhiz
12-05 –DE/SW/AT - Munich, Augsburg, Regensburg, Salzburg, Innsbruck
12-06 – SW – Lausanne, Zurich, Olten, Luzern
12-07 – BE – Brussels
12-08 – NL – Rotterdam
12-09 – NL – Amsterdam
12-10– SW – Nyon – La Parenthèse
12-11–  FR – Paris - l'International
12-12 – BE – SW – Nyon – La Parenthèse
12-13 – UK – Brighton, Folkestone, Southampton
12-14–  UK – Derby – Victoria Inn
12-15 – UK  – Sunderland – Little room
12-16 – UK – Birmingham, Bristol
12-17 – UK – London
12-18 – FR/BE – Lille, Gent, Brussels        


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bloomington, IN

Here is the Bloomington, IN song.
Here is what happened in the state when I recorded the song.

1/7/11 Bloomington, Indiana

This show was the start of the tour heading south to Austin where I will be based for the rest of the 50 songs 50 states tour. I had a drummer bail on me so I had to perform solo. I would be looping drums, voice, keys, melodica, and guitar live. The first show was at the venue called The Bishop. Small turn out, but it was fine. I stayed with this guy Tim who played in FRANK SCHWEIKHARDT band and his wife’s house. We played Scattergories with a bunch of their friends and ate homemade Kettle Corn. It started to snow a lot and I got nervous and little did I know what trouble the snow will have for me. I recorded the song in their guest room in the morning and wrote about the power of women in a man’s life. I really regret leaving Chicago when I did.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


This post will act as the official tour page for Netherfriends. If you would like to book or play with Netherfriends please send me an email:

Current dates:

 Return to America
6th Crossroads Garwood, NJ FACEBOOK
11th Little Room Philadelphia, PA FACEBOOK
13th Read All Over Books Fredricksburg, VA FACEBOOK
14th Paper Mill House show Newark, DE FACEBOOK
19th House show Potluck Richmond, VA
20th White Collar Crime Raleigh, NC (FREE)
21st House show UNC show Chapel Hill, NC
24th Slims (DJ SET) Raleigh, NC
26th Conundrum Hall Columbia, SC
27th the 567 gallery Macon, GA FACEBOOK
28th Atlanta, GA HELP!
29th ????????? Help? ?????
30th Retrofit Tallahasse, FL
31st House show Gainsville, FL (TBA)


1st New Orleans (HELP)
2nd Circle Bar w/ Native America NOLA
3rd NOLA
4th Sam's Lounge Jackson, MS
5th Austin (HELP)
MON 2/6: ???????
TUE 2/7:  Mohawk Austin, TX
WED 2/8:  Fayetteville TBA Grapevine / Ft. Wort (HELP)
FRI 2/10: The Empty Bottle Middle (America Release party!) Chicago, IL FACEBOOK
SAT 2/11: The Whistler DJ Set  Chicago, IL
SUN 2/12: Frank's Power Plant Milwaukee, WI
MON 2/13:  DJ set somewhere???
TUE 2/14:  Mickey's W/ Asumaya MADISON (TBA)
FRI 2/17:   Bourbon Theater Omaha, NE
SAT 2/18: Lost Lake Lounge Denver, CO

WED 2/22 ST. LOUIS AREA (Cicero's, TBD)
FRI 2/24:   Ottowa Tavern, Toledo, OH

29th Trash Mountain Murfreesboro, TN
30th The Heavy Anchor St. Louis, MO FACEBOOK
31st Empty Bottle Chicago, IL FACEBOOK
1st The Muse  Lafayette, IN FaceBook
2nd PhilaMOCA Philadelphia, PA FACEBOOK
3rd House show Newark, DE FACEBOOK
3rd Bookspace Philadelphia, PA FACEBOOK
5th Baltimore, MD (HELP
8th Purchase College, NY
9th FAA @ Read All Over Books. Fredericksburg, VA
10th Kings w/ Lonnie Walker Raleigh NC
12th The Bell Foundry Baltimore, MD (address is 1539 N Calvert St Baltimore, MD 21202)
17th Ground Zero  Troy, NY FACEBOOK
18th Cake Shop Manhattan, NY
20th Death By Audio Brooklyn NY
23rd The Beach House Pittsburgh PA FACEBOOK
24th Jurassic Park FACEBOOK
(Worst planned tour EVER!)
25th Ottawa Tavern Toledo, Ohio FACEBOOK
26th Streetside Bar (FREE) Chicago
27th The Mill (FREE) Iowa City FACEBOOK
28th Barley St Taproom Omaha , NE
29th Mikey's Tavern (FREE) Madison, WI FACEBOOK
30th Replay Lounge Lawrence, KS
1st Taproom (Free) w/ Bo and the Locomotive St. Louis, MO FACEBOOK
3rd Schubas W/ BOBBY 
7th University of Wisconsin Madison, WI
8th Hair Hole- Columbia MO FACEBOOK
10th Smoke and Barrel Fayetteville, AK
11th Lola's Saloon Fort Worth, TX
12th Hotel Vegas Austin, TX FACEBOOK
13th The Saint w/ Native America and Sundress New Orleans, LA FACEBOOK
14th 529 W/Sleeping in the Aviary Atlanta, GA FACEBOOK
15th ??????
16th Slims Raleigh, NC FACEBOOK
19th Wicked Willy's (CMJ) 8:00PM
21st The Delancy (Twosyllable Records showcase) (CMJ) 9:45 
28th Vassar College NY
29th Philamoca Philadelphia, PA
NOV 6 @ Mississippi Studios w/ MY BRIGHTEST DIAMOND 
NOV 7 @ Aalto Lounge DJ SET 
NOV 8 @ Beech Street Parlour DJ SET

NOV 10 @ Mississippi Studios w/ LITTLE SCREAM + BOBBY 
17th Big Snow Buffalo Lounge- New York City. ( Europe tour kick off! ) 
29.11.11 – DE – Hannover – Cafee Glocksee
30.11.11 – DE – Oberhausen – Druckluft
01.12.11 – DE – Stuttgart – Zwoelfzehn
02.12.11 – DE – Gottingen – Apex
03.12.11 – CZ – Prague – Chapeau rouge

04.12.11 – AU – Vienna – Rhiz
05.12.11 – AU – Feldkirch – Graf Hugo
06.12.11 – DE – Erfurt – Franz Melhoz
07.12.11 – FR – Metz – venue TBA
08.12.11 – FR – Nancy – Caveau du Grand Sauvoy
09.12.11 – SW – Nyon – La Parenthèse
10.12.11 – SW – Geneva – venue TBA
11.12.11 – FR – Paris – l'International
12.12.11 – BE – Gent – Cafe video
13.12.11 – UK – Cardiff – Undertone
14.12.11 – UK – Derby – Victoria Inn

16.12.11 – UK – Stockton-on-Tees – Ku bar
17.12.11 – UK – Leeds- Musiquarium
18.12.11 – FR– Lille – Centre Culturel Libertaire
19/12/11 Belgium, Brussels Bonnefooi Brussels

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer albums

Alright! The new LP is finished. Finding a home for the first LP from the 50 songs 50 states project. This album will feature tracks from the midwest states Very excited! Up next for the summer is finish two smaller records.

WOMEN (Can't Live Without Them, Can't Live Without Them.) This will be an album of songs I recorded while I was in Hawaii and it will have different female singers recording the main vocals. I will be naming the songs after each girl.

NETHERFRIENDS DOES NILSSON I will be sampling Harry Nilsson songs and creating my own songs on top of them. I will be releasing them for free on the internet. (obviously.)

Best Summer ever? Yes.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More solo live performances

Chicago Living

Living in a parachute fort courtesy of Jason Ewers of Ornery little Darlings. Photo by Kyle LaMere of

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Eyes Smile Senseless

Pizza Power Bicycle Tour

Alright!!! First Bike tour a success! Although, I did lose a drummer along the way. Oops.

Well I am doing round 2 of the bicycle tour, but this time each show is going to be a pizza party. I got the idea from a house venue in Lawrence, KS called Pizza Power. The concept is a house show where I will provide the dough, sauce, and cheese and people attending the show will bring a little cash donation, beer, and (most importantly) some toppings to add to the pizza. Sounds fun, right?!

Here are the dates:

2nd PhilaMOCA Philadelphia, PA
3rd House show Newark, DE
4th Bike day
5th Baltimore, MD TBA
6th Washington DC TBA
7th Bike Day
8th Bike Day (unless you have a house in Fredericksburg, VA)

I also need a bicycle partner to come along.
If you have a house in these areas suitable for a house show... hit me up!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tour back to Chicago

I will be returning to Chicago for the month of June and off and on for July. Let's hang out. Buy me a beer or a veggie dog from Hot Doug's (never had one!) I will be crashing all over the city including a theater in Pilsen. Also if you play some orchestral instrument and would like to be included in the Midwest album from my 50 states project. I am also finished! Hit me up:

June 1st Howlers Coyote Cafe Pittsburgh, PA FACEBOOK
June 2nd House Show in Oberlin, Ohio FACEBOOK
June 3rd The Black Sparrow Lafayette, IN FACEBOOK
June 5th Lincoln Hall W/ Young Man and Oberhofer. (Honestly the best fit line up EVA!)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Upcoming tours


17th-Somewhere in Indiana or Michigan.
20th-Strange Matter Richmond, VA (email me if you would like to play)
23rd- Chicago
24th-Wicker Park Festival, Chicago, IL
25th-Milwaukee or Madison
26th-The Mill Iowa City, IA
27th-Lawrence, KS
28th-Hair Hole Columbia, MO
29th-Ladyfriends at the Viaduct Theater W/Ornery Little Darlings
30th-Merchant Street Music Fest Kankakee, IL
31st-Logan Square Festival Chicago, IL


1st- Columbus, OH
2nd Pittsburgh, PA
3rd Philadelphia, PA

17th Baltimore, MD
18th Richmond, VA
19th Tollivers Crossing Asheville, NC
20th Athens, GA
22nd AF HAUS W/ Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt
23rd Gainsville, FL
24th Somewhere else in FL
25th Star Bar Atlanta, GA
26th NC
27th NC
28th Richmond, VA
29th DC

Again! HELPPPP MEEEE book some shows in your town.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

Games (Netherfriends Remix) Ornery Little Darlings

I have been working hard on the Netherfriends Midwest LP and needed a short break. Here is a remix of my buddies' song in Ornery Little Darlings.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tour back to Philadelphia

Yes, of course I still have holes in my tour. HELP MEEEEEE Pleeaseeee

April 18th Sound Pony Tulsa, OK
April 19th House show Grapevine, TX
April 20th Austin??????
21st  Austin?????
22nd Pitzer College Claremont, CA
24th Circle Bar New Orleans, LA
25th The Nick Birmingham, AL
26th The Ole Tavern Jackson, MS
27th???????? HELP
28th The Farside Tallahassee, FL
29th Wonder Root
30th The Root Bar Asheville, NC
May 1st Strange Matter   Richmond, VA
May 2nd Washington DC TBA

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Download the new Angry East Coast Album NOW!!

Download the new 7inch Angry East Coast NOW!!!!
First release for the Netherfriends 50 songs 50 states project. This was a year long project where Shawn Rosenblatt wrote and recorded a song and performed in all 50 states. Track 2 and 3 come with extended drone endings. IF you download the entire album you get a pdf booklet of pictures and info about the recordings and shows I played in the states. Plus 2 live songs.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Leaving for Hawaii on April 4th.

Here is what the tour looks like. I am flying from Phoenix.

April 1st Dry River Tucson, AZ
April 2nd The Dressing Room Phoenix, AZ
April 2nd The Lost Leaf Phoenix, AZ
April 5: Kaleidoscope at thirtyninehotel Honolulu, Hawaii
April 6: Broadcast at Nextdoor Honolulu, Hawaii
April 12: Kaleidoscope at thirtyninehotel* Honolulu, Hawaii
April 13: Broadcast at Nextdoor* Honolulu, Hawaii

*Yes... I know playing the same venues twice. YUP... I hope I get leied like Elvis. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Netherfriends Bicycle Tour 2011

Gas is expensive. I am sick of paying for it. I am sick of driving and feeling like a slob. Since the 50 songs 50 states project will be (hopefully) accomplished, I will need to do something creative to keep my touring brain from going insane. SOOOOOO Starting on May 21st, Netherfriends will be riding bikes to your city instead of driving. I will be bringing drummer Mark Quinlan from the band Hop Along and guitarist/bassist/keyboardist Andy Moholt from the band the Armchairs with me. Here is what the tour looks like:

May 21st PhilaMOCA
May 22nd New Jersey
May 23rd New Jersey
May 24th Death By Audio (Brooklyn, NY)
May 25th Spike Hill Brooklyn
May 26th Taco Hut New Haven, CT
May 27th Providence, RI
May 28th The Whitehaus W/The Zookeepers (Jamaica Plain, MA)
May 29th WTF Fest (Wellfleet, MA)

Any help would be incredible!!! If you live in one of these cities, we might need to borrow some of your equipment to play the show. Most bands aren't nice when it comes to sharing. Send me an email Spread the word. Bring us snacks!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to recover your stolen computer

So at an unnamed bar/venue on 6th street downtown (that I really wish I could name because of the way they handled the situation) during SXSW, my book bag, which had my computer and passport along with many other items that I hold close to my heart were stolen right from the back area of the venue. I was upset, but surprisingly held it together and kept my cool. I guess I realized it was just (expensive) stuff and that at least I nor anyone else was hurt. Although, I did lose the Alabama song from my 50 states project. I waited a few days to file a police report in hopes that one of the bands took it by accident.

At the same time, I remembered signing up my computer for this website called Prey Project it is a website that allows you to track a missing computer through it's ip address and it will take screen shots and a picture of the person using it every 10-20 minutes. It will give you a rough location of where your computer is as well and it's FREE!!! So for the first few days I figured it was gone for good because I got zero notifications. Then yesterday, (the day after I filed a police report) I got 7 notifications in my email starting at 4:30 AM. It gave me the following pictures:

Got the dudes face and his name, plus a google maps location of where my computer was. CRAZYYYY! So later that day, the police notified me that they found my computer and I was nice enough of a guy to not press charges on this jerk. I still can't believe I got my computer back and still have all 49 states recorded!!!! So please share this story with all of your friends and please register your computer with it's free!

Shaved my beard and looking like a kid in a candy store.

Friday, March 11, 2011

2 months of touring

Hey help out!!!! (If you like)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tour jams

We fell for these two songs pretty hard:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

SXSW 2011

Photo by Nick Schnelle

15th 8:15PM Cedar Street Courtyard (208 W. 4th Street) Free beer!! CHICAGO'S PBR BLAST OFF

16th 12Am Wednesday Paradise on 6th (401 East 6th Street)

17th 3PM Pita Pit (solo) (619 Congress)
8:20PM N.N.A.S.A. House (1605 Sanchez) Facebook

18th 7PM Karibou (1209 E 7th st)
8:30PM The Happening House (Free Beer) Facebook

19th 1PM Your Mom's Burger Bar (1701 East Cesar Chavez Ste. B) facebook
5:15PM House of 88 Chicago party (508 E. 17th Street) Free Beer! Facebook
8PM Official show at Skinny's (115 San Jacinto Blvd.)


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Poor man's merch

Besides copies of Barry and Sherry on vinyl (almost sold out) I will have a bunch of homemade shit...because I am broke as shit.

This tour will be the last tour to pick up the 2007 Home is Where My House is EP. I am sick of making them.

I will also have copies of the This is Why Your Band Sucks zine vol.1

Both can be purchased at the show for donation
Plus some hand screen printed shitty shirts (assorted colors) for $5

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

March TOUR 2011

March 01, 2011 at Mohawk (W/Diamond Rings and P.S. I Love You)
March 03, 2011 at JR's at JR's Lightbulb Club Fayetteville, AR
March 04, 2011 at Trash Mountain, Murfreesboro, TN
March 05, 2011 at Mojo's Columbia, MO
March 06, 2011 at Firebird, St. Louis, MO
March 07, 2011 at Pizza Power Lawrence, KS
March 8th Mississippi: HELP!
March 9th Alabama: HELP!
March 10th Houston or New Orleans: HELP!
March 19 SXSW Skinny's Ballroom

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Live 50 songs 50 states

This is a video from Origami Records in LA performing the song Baltimore. Maryland from the 50 songs 50 states project. I assume more videos will pop up, but this is the first 50 states song live on video. Enjoy:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Finally got around to watching this movie... the whole Mr. Brainwash thing was fake, right?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Daniel Johnston's 50th B-day

I love Austin!

My cellphone lens had something sticky on it so these pics are a little fuzzy. I took some more with my SLR, so I will hopefully have better pics when I have the roll developed.

I got to see Daniel Johnston at the Hi How Are You wall on his 50th birthday! Holy shit! He played a couple songs and smoked a couple of cigs.
They also gave out t-shirts and stickers for free!

Monday, January 17, 2011

February and March shows

Hey friends,

Texas is crrrrrrrrrrazyyyyy

Here is how the tour for the next couple months are looking:


1st Austin
2nd Houston
3rd New Orleans Louisiana
4th Mobile, AL
5th Mississippi
6th Hot Springs
7th Smoke and Barrel Fayetville, AR
8th Amarillo, Texas
9th Albuquerque, NM
10th Arizona
11th The Tin Can Ale House San Diego, CA
12th LA
13th LA or Las Vegas
14th Salt Lake City
15th Colorodo
16th One more show to get back down to Austin
27th Church of the Friendly Ghost (drone set) Austin, TX


2nd Denton or Fort Worth
3rd Oklahoma
4th Fayetteville
5th Mojos Columbia, MO
6th St. Louis
7th Murfreesboro
8th Alabama
9th New Orleans
10th Austin or Houston

Friday, January 14, 2011

Blacklisted in Houston

I might be blacklisted in Houston. I was added to a show earlier this week in Houston that I had no idea about until the day of the show. So I had to decline on doing it.

The next show I was notified about a few weeks ago and was told it was 100% booked and the promoter would find locals. We show up to the venue and this guy in a winter coat is inside behind the bar on his computer with the door locked. We tell him we are in the band and ask if we could hang inside because it was cold (who knew Houston would get cold?) and he looked at us confused and said no. No? This was a first. We had to wait at a restaurant bar across the street until 7.

When 7 hit we walked back over to the venue and walked inside. I greet the woman bartender because the first guy is still glued to his computer slumped behind the bar. I tell her I am playing here tonight and she says "Ok." Ok? That's it. I ask the other guy what time the show starts and who else is playing. He slowly and I mean an eternity looks up on his computer and replies, "You are playing." That's it? No locals were booked? I ask "Who booked this show?" He replies, "Me, I'm the owner."

Holy shit. Now ladies and gentleman I have played shows with no locals many many many times and I have played shows to no one countless times before. I have dealt with assholes sound guys, bookers, and bar tenders, but I was about to throw a bar stool and this douchebag. He had no respect for anyone and just didn't give a fuck.
My friend and I go back to the van to regroup and discuss. We see an old man with a skullet and broken glasses get dropped off with a bag of mics and mic stands. Oh shit, the sound guy is here. We decide to see what his take on all of this was. He seemed reasonable. He was able to call the real promoter of the show who was very apologetic about the lack of locals and was in and out of the ER for the last week. So I understand and not blaming the real promoter of the show for this lame situation.

The sound guy even reasoned with the owner to see if we could still get some gas money if no one shows up. The owner came up with this gem. Netherfriends will get paid 8% of the bar sales after $200 in bar sales were made. It was around 8 and not a single person was in this bar. It was Thursday. I called a friend from Houston who said he might be able to help us hop on another show.

The sound guy gave us until 8:30 to decide and would pester me every 5 minutes to ask what time it was. My friend didn't get back to me and we decided to bail and go to Austin. This was a first. I would usually play a show regardless, but the vibe I was getting from the owner and the venue just irked me. The sound guy told us he only get's paid $25 if people show up. We almost had to give him a ride back to his house Fucking said shit!

Checking my blood pressure after the show drama.