Monday, April 27, 2009


I'm such a sucker for these remixed infomercial guys...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Netherfriends on NYLON TV

I need sleep! This is really funny. Skip ahead to 1:24 mark


Hey Alvarez,

Were you at Cochella?

Someone stole your outfit!

Check out Wounded Roots! There you will find pictures of the real Chris Alvarez, who will be touring with us in July.

Kinda Funny

I think I was pretty drunk (I spelled my name wrong) and submitted Netherfriends for this Columbia College Expose yourself competition. I forgot to tell my classmates to vote and somehow students at Columbia selected Netherfriends as a finalist. The winner gets $2,000 and I desperately need a new computer (all of my keys are broken on my laptop) so I can record our full length for Emergency Umbrella. The voting is now open to the public... HELP ME!! VOTE HERE


Friday, April 24, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009


Pop as fuck!!
I'm buying this one for everyone in my family

In other news:

We have signed with Columbia, MO indie label
Emergency Umbrella

We are now label-mates with acts like: Sinkane (of Montreal), Gentleman Auction House, The Foundary Field Recordings, and Drew Danburry.

We will release our first 6 song EP entitled "Calling You Out" with them in July 09. Distributed nationwide.
This is what the tour looks like this summer:

May Tour

May 20 Chicago, Illinois
May 21 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
May 22 Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 23 Iowa City, Iowa
May 24 Omaha, Nebraska
May 25 Lawrence/Kansas City, Kansas
May 26 Des Moines, Iowa

July Tour

July 3rd – Kick off the tour in Chicago
July 4th – Des Moines/Iowa
July 6th – Milwaukee
July 7th - Omaha
July 8th – Kansas City, MO
July 9th – Oklahoma City
July 10th - Austin
July 11th – Dallas
July 13th – Sante Fe
July 14th – Denver
July 15th – Lawrence KS
July 16th – Columbia MO
July 17th – St.
July 18th – Champaign IL

August Tour

August 14th - Indianapolis
August 15th – Columbus
August 17th – Pittsburgh
August 18th – New York
August 19th – New York
August 20th – New York
August 21st - New York
August 22nd – Philadelphia
August 23rd – Baltimore
August 24th – Washington DC
August 25th – Greensboro NC
August 26th – Atlanta
August 27th – Alabama
August 28th – New Orleans
August 29th – Memphis
August 30th – Nashville
August 31st – Cincinati
September 1st - Chicago

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Watch this without Volume

Unless you like Prodigy (playing at the Congress theater next month)