Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Everyone keeps posting as me (Shawn)

I haven't posted on here yet. This is my first post. Both Angie and Paul keep posting under my name. No big deal though, they write entertaining things. Here is mine...

Vincent Gallo is the man. He is scary as hell and hipper than your Mom. Check out this old skool video of him. He's the guy on the right calling himself Prince Vince. -Shawn

This Is Netherfriends

Who else is going to keep you updated by the minute on what we are doing every day all day?
Answer: Me, because I'm addicted to blogging.

Empty Bottle show tonight was dope. I'd never been there and I must say - it's a quality venue. The people there are really nice, thanks to Ryan for hooking that up. Black Ladies was awesome. They are 2 dudes but they come at you with this huge sound, like a fucking...scary beast-alien. But if it turned you on at the same time.

We love our friends GOLD and The Young Turks (circa 2007).
We also love Tom Cooke and his friends for helping us out with CDs.

Tomorrow is van day for the friends. Carmen VanDiego aka Biggie Smalls is getting a curtain treatment and a good scrub. We are finally done with school for the semester so it's time to relax a bit. Paul's going somewhere cabin-like with his family and I am going to be snowboarding in Denver with my family (see it).

I was watching This Is Spinal Tap on tv the other day and decided to Wikipedia it. You always find some weird facts about movies on Wikipedia. Anyways I ran across this section of the article:

The movie cut a little too close to home for some musicians. Robert Plant, Dee Snider and Ozzy Osbourne all reported that, like Spinal Tap, they had become lost in confusing arena backstage hallways trying to make their way to the stage. Singer Tom Waits claimed he cried upon viewing it and Eddie Van Halen has said that when he first saw the film, everyone else in the room with him laughed as he failed to see the humor in the film. "Everything in that movie had happened to me," Van Halen said.

I mean, that's a little sad and incredibly hilarious at the same time.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Tonight @ The Empty Bottle

Drawing of football star Tom Brady by my roommate Micah Bloom.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Final CD cover

for our ep Home Is Where My House Is

5AM CD cover work

Paul and I have been doodling for hours. The new Snoop Dogg music video is tight.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Who's your favorite Beatle?

The Beatles first smoked cannabis with Bob Dylan in New York in 1964. Dylan mistakenly interpreted the lyric "I can't hide" from "I Want to Hold Your Hand" as "I get high", so he presumed that the Beatles were already familiar with the drug. McCartney remembered all of The Beatles being "very high" and laughing a lot.

I like George.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Fatboy Slim

Dude I forgot about Fatboy's sick post 90's vid. Peep my man Chris W.'s  no hands cartwheel. 

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Firstly, let it be known that our dearest Paul Newmann initially titled this blog "Netherfirends all purpose blog sight".

On Friday, the three of us played our first "acoustic" set at the house of The Young Turks which was interesting since it was the first time we had even attempted it. We had a lot of fun and hugged a lot.

We just got a new van! It broke down... But we fixed it! and now it works. It took a huge dent out of our wallets so we are working on new merchandise, which includes shirts and buttons designed by Devin Nordmeyer. We are getting CASSETTE tapes for tour via I'm Drinkin' This from Omaha, Nebraska. I'm pretty excited about that...we need a tape player in our van.

Anyways, our last show before tour is next Monday at The Empty Bottle. Here's the temporarily-named schedule for January...


Jan 2 Dekalb, Illinois @ A basement show courtesy of Lauren
Jan 3 Bloomington, Indiana @ The Cinemat
Jan 4 Lansing, Michigan @ Mac’s Bar
Jan 5 Detroit, Michigan @ Scrummage
Jan 6 Toledo, Ohio @ Mickey Finn’s Pub
Jan 7 Bloomington, Illinois @ Porch Honkey House
Jan 8 Bloomington, Indiana @ The Art Hospital
Jan 9 St. Louis, Missouri @ 2 Cents Plain
Jan 10 Des Moines, Iowa @ Vaudeville Mews ** %
Jan 11 Minneapolis, Minnesota @ Castle Greyskull
Jan 12 Milwaukee, Wisconsin @ TBA * (Need venue!)

** Looking for local bands to play with
% Need place to crash, e-mail us

There's probably other things I'd like to share but right now we're all freakin out about Finals. College, man.