Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Leaving for Hawaii on April 4th.

Here is what the tour looks like. I am flying from Phoenix.

April 1st Dry River Tucson, AZ
April 2nd The Dressing Room Phoenix, AZ
April 2nd The Lost Leaf Phoenix, AZ
April 5: Kaleidoscope at thirtyninehotel Honolulu, Hawaii
April 6: Broadcast at Nextdoor Honolulu, Hawaii
April 12: Kaleidoscope at thirtyninehotel* Honolulu, Hawaii
April 13: Broadcast at Nextdoor* Honolulu, Hawaii

*Yes... I know playing the same venues twice. YUP... I hope I get leied like Elvis. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Netherfriends Bicycle Tour 2011

Gas is expensive. I am sick of paying for it. I am sick of driving and feeling like a slob. Since the 50 songs 50 states project will be (hopefully) accomplished, I will need to do something creative to keep my touring brain from going insane. SOOOOOO Starting on May 21st, Netherfriends will be riding bikes to your city instead of driving. I will be bringing drummer Mark Quinlan from the band Hop Along and guitarist/bassist/keyboardist Andy Moholt from the band the Armchairs with me. Here is what the tour looks like:

May 21st PhilaMOCA
May 22nd New Jersey
May 23rd New Jersey
May 24th Death By Audio (Brooklyn, NY)
May 25th Spike Hill Brooklyn
May 26th Taco Hut New Haven, CT
May 27th Providence, RI
May 28th The Whitehaus W/The Zookeepers (Jamaica Plain, MA)
May 29th WTF Fest (Wellfleet, MA)

Any help would be incredible!!! If you live in one of these cities, we might need to borrow some of your equipment to play the show. Most bands aren't nice when it comes to sharing. Send me an email Spread the word. Bring us snacks!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to recover your stolen computer

So at an unnamed bar/venue on 6th street downtown (that I really wish I could name because of the way they handled the situation) during SXSW, my book bag, which had my computer and passport along with many other items that I hold close to my heart were stolen right from the back area of the venue. I was upset, but surprisingly held it together and kept my cool. I guess I realized it was just (expensive) stuff and that at least I nor anyone else was hurt. Although, I did lose the Alabama song from my 50 states project. I waited a few days to file a police report in hopes that one of the bands took it by accident.

At the same time, I remembered signing up my computer for this website called Prey Project it is a website that allows you to track a missing computer through it's ip address and it will take screen shots and a picture of the person using it every 10-20 minutes. It will give you a rough location of where your computer is as well and it's FREE!!! So for the first few days I figured it was gone for good because I got zero notifications. Then yesterday, (the day after I filed a police report) I got 7 notifications in my email starting at 4:30 AM. It gave me the following pictures:

Got the dudes face and his name, plus a google maps location of where my computer was. CRAZYYYY! So later that day, the police notified me that they found my computer and I was nice enough of a guy to not press charges on this jerk. I still can't believe I got my computer back and still have all 49 states recorded!!!! So please share this story with all of your friends and please register your computer with it's free!

Shaved my beard and looking like a kid in a candy store.

Friday, March 11, 2011

2 months of touring

Hey help out!!!! (If you like)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tour jams

We fell for these two songs pretty hard:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

SXSW 2011

Photo by Nick Schnelle

15th 8:15PM Cedar Street Courtyard (208 W. 4th Street) Free beer!! CHICAGO'S PBR BLAST OFF

16th 12Am Wednesday Paradise on 6th (401 East 6th Street)

17th 3PM Pita Pit (solo) (619 Congress)
8:20PM N.N.A.S.A. House (1605 Sanchez) Facebook

18th 7PM Karibou (1209 E 7th st)
8:30PM The Happening House (Free Beer) Facebook

19th 1PM Your Mom's Burger Bar (1701 East Cesar Chavez Ste. B) facebook
5:15PM House of 88 Chicago party (508 E. 17th Street) Free Beer! Facebook
8PM Official show at Skinny's (115 San Jacinto Blvd.)


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Poor man's merch

Besides copies of Barry and Sherry on vinyl (almost sold out) I will have a bunch of homemade shit...because I am broke as shit.

This tour will be the last tour to pick up the 2007 Home is Where My House is EP. I am sick of making them.

I will also have copies of the This is Why Your Band Sucks zine vol.1

Both can be purchased at the show for donation
Plus some hand screen printed shitty shirts (assorted colors) for $5