Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thanks Paul! DAY 6 Winter Tour Video

I was surprised to find this on you tube! I hope Paul gets to the rest.

Anxious to start!!

Oh, Snowy Chicago! Well Netherfriends are about to wake up from their brief hibernation to start practice with their new temporary drummers Graham and Evan. We have our first show back in Chicago on February 15th on the Halfway House in Wicker Park and a new song almost finished being recorded. In the mean time, please enjoy these disturbing Canadian PSAs...God Bless Canada!

Friday, January 25, 2008

xsxwx x2008x

Hello friends. Our next show is February 23rd with A-Sides (Vagrant) and Division Day (Eenie Meenie) at Subterranean, 9pm $10...finally, an 18+ show! We're playing a party right after down the street at The Halfway House. We will play a huge game of spin the bottle, tongue usage mandatory.

At SXSW '08, we will be playing at the Black & Greene showcase/party on Friday, March 15 @ The Jackalope with Drug Rug, VIVA VIVA, Bryan Scary & The Shredding Tears and a Special Guest. We play at 5pm.

This is months from now but on May 3rd, we're going back to my home to play at the CAID (Contempary Art Institute) in Detroit for the Curare Festival.

I found this incredible poster online somewhere from our show at The Empty Bottle with Black Ladies and Yea Big + Kid Static. I never saw it.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Dork Patrol

Netherfriends like pizza.

Netherfriends like

Flameshovel's latest interview

Nathan Hess and the videos he made

Omahype's review of The Slowdown show

I watched Hot Rod On's like a really long episode of The Lonely Island. Jorma is such a cutie.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

DAY 5 & Omaha @ The Slowdown

Paul posted this from a million miles away! There should be others soon.

TAC TAC @ The Slowdown

Thank you Harrison!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day 13 It's all over!

So here I sit in yet another free holiday Inn express. We had our last show of the tour last night in Milwaukee at the Trailer House. It was a blast. I still can't believe we made 11 days across the mid-west with our $400 van! Paul will be leaving today for London and will be back sometime June. It is pretty sad, but he will be back with netherfriends with a sweet british accent We will continue temporarily without him and have two drummers filling in for him. Our next show will be sometime in February, I am going to begin the long list of thank yous..... right...... now.

Thank you to: Paul, Lauren, Light Pollution, Alex, Auto-zone for the 2 cases of transmission fluid, Holiday Inn Express in Indiana, Paul's Aunt and Uncle for paying for the holiday inn, Angie's Mom, Alex and all the guys from Scrummage, Jeff from Rifle Recoil We listened to "I do" a million times in the van, Brittan from Hume, John and Colby from The Porch Honkey, James and Kyle from Hat Company, Brett, the sound guy in Toledo for showing up drunk and telling us he's from London and didn't care that we are from Chicago, Mark and Brad from The Art Hospital, Everybody the band, Mr. and Mrs. Newmann for the holday inn room and letting us stay at their house, Bo, Trevor, Nate, and Justin from Berlin Whale, In love and War, Kevin for adding bass to one of our songs live, Siera and her Mom, Brent and Aaron from I'm Drinkin this for booking a sweet show, Sam, Andy, Eric from Capgun Coup, Talkin Mountain, The guys at Castle Greyskull, Sarah and Mr. and Mrs. Koch, Dave and the rest of the guys from The Trailer House, Tin Kitchen and Snake Vision, David for coming from LA, Carme Vandiego for making in 11 days without dying, Tom for keeping us sane before tour even began, and everyone who enjoyed the music and supported us. I am sorry if I forgot to thank someone! See you in the summer!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

St. Louis we love you

Our merch

Beer not included.

Shawn's beard (again)

St. Louis Pizza

Nether you mind

Scrummage in Detroit
Feeding time for Carmen. She needs transmission fluid every hour.
Karaoke at Angie's

Paul's broken sunglasses

Paul's hometown St. Louis

The Bluebird tonight with Berlin Whale, Banshee Lips, In Love and War and special guests Rifle Recoil and Hume

Shawn's Beard

Day 4

holiday Inn- staying smart

Ann Arbor
Scrummage toilet
Well I guess it is true...
Out Cold

Tuesday, January 8, 2008