Sunday, March 30, 2008

Netherfriends Skate video

A friend from high school used our song TAC TAC for his skateboarding trailer. Last thing I expected our song to appear in, but pretty great.\%22

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Summer Tour listing


Jul 14 2008 (Summer Tour) Chicago, Illinois
Jul 15 2008 TBA, Iowa
Jul 16 2008 TBA Omaha, Nebraska
Jul 17 2008 TBA St. Louis, Missouri
Jul 18 2008 TBA Nashville, Tennessee
Jul 19 2008 TBA Atlanta, Georgia
Jul 20 2008 TBA, South Carolina
Jul 21 2008 The Spazzatorium Galleria Greenville, North Carolina
Jul 22 2008 TBA, Virginia
Jul 23 2008 TBA, Washington DC
Jul 24 2008 TBA Baltimore, Maryland
Jul 25 2008 TBA Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Jul 26 2008 TBA West Chester/ Reading, Pennsylvania
Jul 27 2008 TBA, Delaware
Jul 28 2008 TBA Juurzy beach, New Jersey
Jul 29 2008 TBA Brooklyn, New York
Jul 30 2008 TBA, New York
Aug 1 2008 TBA, Connecticut
Aug 2 2008 TBA, Rhode Island
Aug 3 2008 TBA Boston, Massachusetts
Aug 4 2008 TBA, New Hampshire
Aug 5 2008 TBA, Maine
Aug 6 2008 TBA, Vermont
Aug 7 2008 TJ Scallywaggle’s Vegan Pizza & Bakery. ALLSTON, Massachusetts
Aug 8 2008 TBA Buffalo, New York
Aug 9 2008 TBA Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Aug 10 2008 TBA Columbus, Ohio
Aug 11 2008 TBA, Michigan

Friday, March 28, 2008

Coming soon.

An early warning. Come and have some fun with your Netherfriends.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Racist Band

We just played a show in Columbia MO and some punks vandalized our van. they wrote "racist" and then kelly, who runs the show, rewrote it to say "radist band ever". thanks kelly haha. we might get pulled over and searched for drugs on the way home tomorrow. again.

Traffic in austin at 2:45am

Bumper to bumper

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

Dr dog is amazing


Rogue wave

Netherfriends at the best sxsw show ever

Somehow david suavely got us into an official showcase and the bands? the virgins, rogue wave, tapes n tapes dr dog and nada surf. the beer here is $5-7 a pop.

Our van

Wont start. uncle mark is getting someone to fix it

This beetle

Is the size of an acorn and keeps falling on his back. he has wings and cat fly. useless!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Singing 90's songs

Graham and I are singing spice girls and third eye blind songs. Shawn definitely hates it haha. its a long ways to my uncle marks house...texas is the reason!

This is beautiful!

Its so warm here! we threw our winter coats in the back. graham is wearing shorts. I think were in Texas.


Hey Paul

Doesn't the dashboard look nice now? or whatever you call this island thingy. the ashtray is screwed in and theres a tin tray screwed too so it doesn't slip. spray painted to cover blemishes too. 15 passengers are known to tip over says shawn.

Beautiful Day

In Oklahoma

Tbell kfc fusion

Goin str8 thru us

Gay hand

The pics of our van are for our dearest Paul. We love and miss you! Looks like I got a case of the gay hand today. We are traveling through Kansas and approaching Oklahomo. We wanna thank Im Drinkin This for being so cool last night and all the Bromaha babes that watched our super secret set. We didn't blog enough cuz we were exhausted and had to wake up at 6am. I don't really know what's going on with the video thing but it's interesting and im gonna try to document our sxsw activities. Mind you, im typing from my smartphone. It's so fucking warm the more we drive the warmer it gets...the only complaint I have is that its kinda grey out.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008



Halfway through Illinois, Graham started driving our van for the first time and after 5 min. and whattaya know...we get pulled over for:
- speeding 9 miles over
- having skulls/feathers hanging on the rearview mirror
- swerving over te fog line
Clearly, our van looks like a buncha potheads are in it but we kinda freaked about getting a speeding ticket since we are broke. Turns out the cop is just trying to find drugs or illegal aliens...he had his big scary K-9 search the outside of the van while Graham got searched. The dumb dog ripped off a piece of our van. He smelled cannabis so the cop kept asking if we'd been around it. He asked us about our band (what kinda music, folk or something?) and asked Graham if he had a dog. Graham said yes, his name is Bubbles. Weird name for a dog, he replied. Graham is wearing a pink sweater with hippos on it and a feather hairclip. He found nothing cuz our van is drug-free and left us with this warning, bidding us safe travels.

I dont know

Hot to rotate pix




We embark on our journey to sxsw. We're on our way to Omaha.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Almost...

...had a heart attack about an hour ago. Our van wouldn't start up, which isn't surprising considering the fact that it was $400 and we had to get a new accelerator already because it wouldn't start up. But Daddy Tom came to the rescue (once again) and saved me from being crying girl. I hate crying girl - she sucks!

Well the van started up and that was the end of my long night of my Extreme Van Makeover. Will post pix tomorrow. It's pretty sexy inside, but I ghetto'd up the outside with spray paint. It was rusting its' balls off and I just kind of tried to cover it. FYI you can't buy spray paint in Chicago so I kept thinking some cop was gonna stop by and think I was vandalizing someone's ugly beautiful van.

Anyways, we're going to Omaha tomorrow to hang out and then we embark on a 13 hour long journey to Austin so you'll be seeing a lot of pictures of us going bonkers in the van. We're going to try not to stop.

Remember that cartoon, anyoneanyone?

The website I found that image at is pretty ill. Axel F midi file.

Oh and what the hell! This show looks so good but we're gonna miss it..

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Not this Saturday, but next Saturday. It's a day party! so you won't miss your fav night bands. I heard we're going to be drunk. Get at us if you're gonna be there. We need a floor to crash on.

RSVP to for a "goodie bag" full of random shit. You get a pair of K-Swiss shoes. You know, in case you get too drunk and lose one or both of your shoes.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Day Eight

Day Eight in St. Louis. I miss that place and its toasted ravioli charm.

Hilary won Texas and Ohio. Ohh man this is gonna be close.

Saw this video featuring MIA on pitchfork today-thought I'd share. Nice to see someone else can pull off those dance moves besides me. Think anyone got hurt?

peace out girlscouts,


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Feathers and Dots

This is all I got

I hate the timbre of Harrison's voices. It sounds like he is eating a peanut butter sandwich.