Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Almost...

...had a heart attack about an hour ago. Our van wouldn't start up, which isn't surprising considering the fact that it was $400 and we had to get a new accelerator already because it wouldn't start up. But Daddy Tom came to the rescue (once again) and saved me from being crying girl. I hate crying girl - she sucks!

Well the van started up and that was the end of my long night of my Extreme Van Makeover. Will post pix tomorrow. It's pretty sexy inside, but I ghetto'd up the outside with spray paint. It was rusting its' balls off and I just kind of tried to cover it. FYI you can't buy spray paint in Chicago so I kept thinking some cop was gonna stop by and think I was vandalizing someone's ugly beautiful van.

Anyways, we're going to Omaha tomorrow to hang out and then we embark on a 13 hour long journey to Austin so you'll be seeing a lot of pictures of us going bonkers in the van. We're going to try not to stop.

Remember that cartoon, anyoneanyone?

The website I found that image at is pretty ill. Axel F midi file.

Oh and what the hell! This show looks so good but we're gonna miss it..

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