Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This is Why Your Band Sucks III

Here is round three:
A monthly column of advice and things I witness over and over again from bands being naïve and just plain stupid. You can read the first 2 columns here and here

…Because you spent the last year working on a full length that you are no where near finishing.

This seems to be the one thing every friend's band deals with. The never ending recording and group mixing sessions. I know you want to put out the best possible set of songs and recordings, but there is a very very small chance a label will pick your album up and sign you right away. Especially if you aren't touring or playing shows during the time you are recording. I think recording is an excuse for bands to take a break from playing shows. I know your favorite band Radiohead takes half the year off from touring to record a new album, but you aren't Radiohead. YOU STILL NEED TO PLAY SHOWS!

…Because you pay money to play a show

The biggest scams out there are those shows where you have to buy tickets to sell to your friends. I cringe when I see all the high school bands outside the Congress Theater trying to scalp their remaining tickets to Mexican families walking by. "Do you like live local music?" Save your money!

…Because your guarantee exceeds the amount of money you can actually make a venue

I have heard horror stories of blog buzz bands tricking talent buyers into thinking they are hot Brooklyn shit because of their 9.0 on Pitchfork, but they were on their first tour ever! Making the venue well under their 2,000 guarantee. As long as you can make sure the venue guarantees gas money you should be okay with the extra money you make.

…Because your merchandise is sold for a ridiculous price.

$20 for a Hanes t-shirt. REALLY?! CDs for $15?! Who are you? Radiohead?!?!?!

…Because you think your band is special or different from the rest

You are not special. I am not special. We will never will be. Be modest and respectful. We play music because we love to or because this is all we know. There is no need to be a pompous asshole. I hope these columns actually helps someone out. It really hurts to see some bands get their dreams crushed, because of how oblivious they are.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Buy the new album through us!

Someone put this out on vinyl for me ^ or just click the pic.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Netherfriends head west

August is the month I plan on heading west to Seattle to set up camp. This will be my 3rd home base and it has only been 2 months. Here is the itinerary:

August 8th Milwaukee
August 9th Madison
August 10th Iowa City
August 11th Omaha
August 12th Sioux Falls
August 13th Fargo
August 14th Montana
August 15th Idaho
August 16th Portland
August 17th Seattle, WA

If you care to help out in booking us that would be AMAZING. You know the drill. Netherfriendsbooking@gmail.com

So True

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back cover to Barry and Sherry

I feel that it is still possible for my first LP Barry and Sherry to be released physically (sometime in my lifetime,) but I would like everyone to have this back cover image in their possession and please read it. It is written by my Dad.

Also, here is a little bit of an explanation of Barry and Sherry:

There is an on going struggle inside of every human being. For some it’s a struggle between addiction and self-control and others it’s between right and wrong. I believe mine is the inner struggle between my mother and father. I find myself, each day, turning into my parents inside and out. I fear that my body and soul have accepted all of the undesirable characteristics that my parents have. Which, in turn, has made me a monster of sorts. For example, I easily lose my cool and get really impatient in pseudo stressful situations, just like my father. Other times, I find myself losing interest in being pleasant or sociable to others, just like my mother. I don’t think I am alone in this and I am in no way special for this realization. When I began working on this album, I wanted to be alone. I wanted to write and record this album in a place with zero distractions, where I could get everything constructed at once. I found this place after I heard that my girlfriend’s parents moved from Minnesota to North Carolina and were having a hard time selling their house in the town of Apple Valley, Minnesota. I stayed there for a total of 7 days in June 2009 and wrote and recorded (basic tracks) the first 10 songs that came to my head. Without any sort of theme in mind, I realized that I was writing about my parents subconsciously and the ideas surrounding my life growing up (in the past and future) as pieces of both of them. I like to believe that every young adult tries their hardest to avoid turning into their parents. Listen to different music, wear different clothes, do drugs, move/run away to a big city, meet someone your parents approve of, get a real job, get married, buy a house in the suburbs, have a kid, get divorced, get remarried, get cancer, die. It’s inevitable; I am a product of my parents, Barry and Sherry.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Solo set

The netherfuckers solo set tour is going well. Hanging in Columbus. Good times. Let's hang in Chicago for the next couple weeks! -Shawn