Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back cover to Barry and Sherry

I feel that it is still possible for my first LP Barry and Sherry to be released physically (sometime in my lifetime,) but I would like everyone to have this back cover image in their possession and please read it. It is written by my Dad.

Also, here is a little bit of an explanation of Barry and Sherry:

There is an on going struggle inside of every human being. For some it’s a struggle between addiction and self-control and others it’s between right and wrong. I believe mine is the inner struggle between my mother and father. I find myself, each day, turning into my parents inside and out. I fear that my body and soul have accepted all of the undesirable characteristics that my parents have. Which, in turn, has made me a monster of sorts. For example, I easily lose my cool and get really impatient in pseudo stressful situations, just like my father. Other times, I find myself losing interest in being pleasant or sociable to others, just like my mother. I don’t think I am alone in this and I am in no way special for this realization. When I began working on this album, I wanted to be alone. I wanted to write and record this album in a place with zero distractions, where I could get everything constructed at once. I found this place after I heard that my girlfriend’s parents moved from Minnesota to North Carolina and were having a hard time selling their house in the town of Apple Valley, Minnesota. I stayed there for a total of 7 days in June 2009 and wrote and recorded (basic tracks) the first 10 songs that came to my head. Without any sort of theme in mind, I realized that I was writing about my parents subconsciously and the ideas surrounding my life growing up (in the past and future) as pieces of both of them. I like to believe that every young adult tries their hardest to avoid turning into their parents. Listen to different music, wear different clothes, do drugs, move/run away to a big city, meet someone your parents approve of, get a real job, get married, buy a house in the suburbs, have a kid, get divorced, get remarried, get cancer, die. It’s inevitable; I am a product of my parents, Barry and Sherry.



Jevon said...
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Jevon said...

Very true. Happens to everyone - how you run/hide from it, when you realize/accept it/reject it are only variables in what kind of f*cked up monster of sorts you become because of it. It's why the world is nuts.

I'm in my 30s – gotten as far as no.7 on your list and hit repeat/stalled...

Am loving the LP btw. Thanks.