Wednesday, May 28, 2008

new layout

There will be a photobucket widget on the sidebar soon...we like documenting our every move.

I wrote a post about Carmen Vandiego but forgot to publish it. She died a few weeks ago. We rode the shit out of her and it was worth the $400. She broke down a few times, leaked transmission fluid the entire duration of having her, but heaved out her last breath right after our long journey to Austin.

We are getting a new van. Another 15 passenger. I wonder what we will name it. Perhaps a unisex name this time, because referring to a van as a person is not cute anymore.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Promo Pictures Day Diary Entry

So today woke up at 9am, drank a whole case of Red Bull and went to the sandwich bed...only to get into a fight with the manager because you're only allowed to have one man and one woman in one room. I was really sad. I mean, it was really seedy and we don't have $80...even if it's a bed that looks like a sandwich. I kept trying to tell him we weren't going to even touch each other or anything in the room. It was useless.

There was a lot of traffic in Chicago today. We drove for maybe five hours and shot pictures for one hour. We saw Matthias' left nut. Actually just Paul did. But he didn't say anything because it was awkward. We have street fighter style pictures though. And pictures of us jumping and doing other typical amateur band-photo things. We ate thai food and met old people and swung on some bars by some shirtless dude.

Our friends from Columbia, Missouri are here to play shows with us. They are staying with Shuuawn RoZenBLATTT while PeeWee Newmann sleeps on my futon. We played in Hyde Park tonight. Pachyderm didn't get a chance to play because some people wanted to sleep. That was terribly awkward. Those people don't know what they missed and also, what the hell? It was only 1am. Hyde Park is full of cry babies. We met some cool people though. We saw some kids drop acid for the first time ever. It looked like a baby's fingernail.

Last night the boys slow motion punched each other and played bloody knuckles for about 25 minutes straight. Needless to say, I was bored during the last five minutes. Thanks to Tom for being our favorite uncle out of all the uncles we have. We have a lot of uncles.

Tomorrow we play in Wicker Park. Across the street from Jewel/KMart above Belmont Army. I don't know the address. You should come!

Angie & Paul

Saturday, May 10, 2008

What to expect...

Well school is letting out. Angie and I still have a week left and Paul is mad chilling in St. Louis. We have a few great shows coming up and you should keep an eye out for a few bigger ones in July. The exciting news: We have a 7inch release with Black and Greene Records coming out this Summer (hopefully before the tour in July.) The 7inch is entitled "Feathers and Dots." It contains the songs TAC TAC and Stop Smoking A$$hole Cigarettes. Plus a digital download of our new jam Worean Kar. I just heard the mastered version of TAC TAC and it sounds truly epic! I have never had any of my music mastered before and it's pretty unbelievable. We will keep you updated with dates and such for this release. Enjoy the cover for now:

What to expect...

Sunday, May 4, 2008


We are playing a show with Gold and Chords for Wallkill at Martyr's this TUESDAY, May 6th.

Martyr's is at 3855 N Lincoln Ave. Cost is $6, starts at 8pm.


Dear Diary,

Played Detroit Saturday at the CAID for Curare III. It was pretty awesome, a bunch of our family members were there. Lightshow Bob is so fucking cool. When we walked in, kids from Scrummage were playing and there was a heavy-set middle-aged dude with shoulder length blonde hair playing what looked like a homemade space guitar for a b-list movie. He looks like everybody's drunk uncle in Michigan, but fluffier. I thought it was funny since the Scrummage guys are young enough to be his sons. Then we realized he wasn't playing with the band. Dude turns the disco lights on with the space guitar. We were more mesmerized by him than the bands because he was so good. He was shredding a space guitar.

I called Paul pretending to be drunk. Graham went to actually get drunk in a hot tub until 5am. We let him do what he wants because he's a baby. Shawn and I smoked a celebratory joint and watched a psychedelic orchestra featuring a sitar and upright bass jam for what seemed like eternity. It was crazy. People in Detroit know how to party. Then we tripped hard on acid and went to my parent's house. I found a bag of candy from Halloween and said to Shawn, "If I still lived here, this shit would have been gone."

Most of this is true, I spiced it up for you though.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Guess who just got back into the #1 Country...


To celebrate, here is our new promo picture. Yes, Ray Charles is back from the dead.