Sunday, May 4, 2008


We are playing a show with Gold and Chords for Wallkill at Martyr's this TUESDAY, May 6th.

Martyr's is at 3855 N Lincoln Ave. Cost is $6, starts at 8pm.


Dear Diary,

Played Detroit Saturday at the CAID for Curare III. It was pretty awesome, a bunch of our family members were there. Lightshow Bob is so fucking cool. When we walked in, kids from Scrummage were playing and there was a heavy-set middle-aged dude with shoulder length blonde hair playing what looked like a homemade space guitar for a b-list movie. He looks like everybody's drunk uncle in Michigan, but fluffier. I thought it was funny since the Scrummage guys are young enough to be his sons. Then we realized he wasn't playing with the band. Dude turns the disco lights on with the space guitar. We were more mesmerized by him than the bands because he was so good. He was shredding a space guitar.

I called Paul pretending to be drunk. Graham went to actually get drunk in a hot tub until 5am. We let him do what he wants because he's a baby. Shawn and I smoked a celebratory joint and watched a psychedelic orchestra featuring a sitar and upright bass jam for what seemed like eternity. It was crazy. People in Detroit know how to party. Then we tripped hard on acid and went to my parent's house. I found a bag of candy from Halloween and said to Shawn, "If I still lived here, this shit would have been gone."

Most of this is true, I spiced it up for you though.

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