Saturday, May 10, 2008

What to expect...

Well school is letting out. Angie and I still have a week left and Paul is mad chilling in St. Louis. We have a few great shows coming up and you should keep an eye out for a few bigger ones in July. The exciting news: We have a 7inch release with Black and Greene Records coming out this Summer (hopefully before the tour in July.) The 7inch is entitled "Feathers and Dots." It contains the songs TAC TAC and Stop Smoking A$$hole Cigarettes. Plus a digital download of our new jam Worean Kar. I just heard the mastered version of TAC TAC and it sounds truly epic! I have never had any of my music mastered before and it's pretty unbelievable. We will keep you updated with dates and such for this release. Enjoy the cover for now:

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