Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This is what I do at home

A list of stupid things I did/didn't do on this past mini tour

- Didn't get the Jams Dean/ Netherfriends split tapes in time... they came an hour after we left.
- Waited till the last possible second to get an oil change and drove the van with little to no oil for over a 100 miles.
- Severely burnt my fingers on an overcooked Poptart in Philly.
-Left my mic and mic stand in Philly.
-Walked into the wrong apartment where we were staying in Brooklyn.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My 50 States (and 50 songs) Project

My 50 States (and 50 songs) Project

Being prolific is an artist’s dream, although we all know that being productive never lasts. Eventually, we hit an enormous wall and our creativity and ambition flies right out the window. During the summer of 2009, I was on one of the countless mini-tours across the country, sitting in the van bummed out and spacing out. I was kind of miserable and truly contemplating the idea of spending most of my young life on tour. I mean, I understand touring is crucial for a musician and sometimes it’s really fun, but why does it have to feel so unproductive? Wake up, drive, wait outside the venue, play, drink, sleep, etc... Why am I wasting all this time on the road, when I should be at home recording and writing new music? That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks!! Why don’t I bring the writing and recording on the road with me? I usually have a ton of free time on the road where I am usually being unproductive. Why don’t I push myself and finally strive to become that prolific artist that I dreamed of as kid? So here is what I’ve got: Give myself a deadline of one year (starting April 1st 2010) to play a show and write and record a song in each state in the USA. 50 songs in 50 states in one year. The songs will have to be longer that two minutes and I can’t start writing the song until I cross the state line (so, no cheating.) Yes, I know you people will call me a wannabe (Sufjan,) but seriously! This project is actually not a joke, plus I will accomplish it.

What I need:

-Musicians who can tour. (Especially a talented drummer who can record to a click track.)

-A venue in each state

-A house in each state. (Preferably one with a basement.) Where I can record the song and stay the night. If you have any instruments or a piano that I could use for the recording, that would be ideal as well.

-Suggestions for people/ bands to contact for venues (especially in Alaska, Hawaii, and most of the West Coast) or to help contribute to the recordings.

- Some Filmmakers. Anyone who would be interested in documenting this project or editing the footage from the tours.

- Donations or Sponsorships. This one is a little hairy. I guess I might need some cash to get to Hawaii and Alaska…

Feel free to email me at Netherfriendsbooking@gmail.com with help or encouraging words.


Monday, December 7, 2009

I love this Dr. Dog track

Yeah, it's one of those days...