Thursday, March 4, 2010

This Is Why Your Band Sucks 2

Here is round two:
A monthly column of advice and things I witness over and over again from bands being naïve and just plain stupid. You can read the first column here

…Because you spent your life savings on a full length record that only 200 people or less will ever hear or own.

If you took the thousands of dollars used to record in a studio and bought an audio interface and few decent mics. You could be saving a lot of money, aggravation, and bullshit. I am a huge advocate for the DIY musician lifestyle. Most labels don’t give a shit either if the stuff sounds professional. If the songs are good enough they will pay for it to be remixed, re-recorded, or mastered.

…Because you want to sound exactly like the new “_______” album.

I get baffled when I hear musicians talking about how they strive to be like or sound like a certain band. That’s like trying to mimic a friends mannerisms, hairstyle, and clothing… it’s creepy. Stop being a poser and think for yourself. There is nothing wrong with being influenced by a certain artist, but don’t go out and buy every item a musician or band uses on stage.

… Because you change your band’s name every month.

This is a total cliché. Changing your band name for the dumbest reasons. So your bass player left the band. SO what!? It doesn’t mean you have to change your band name. IF playing shows is about name recognition it’s hard to get people out to shows if they never heard of your name before.

…When you tour, you play only bars and venues that are way too big for your band.

I don’t care if you are a bar band. Try playing alternative spaces. Maybe play an all-ages venue for a change?. You want to figure out your market and sometimes playing places out of your element is a good way to find out what kid of people will dig your songs. I’ve played hardcore punk shows with Netherfriends and we got a super positive response from the crowd during our performance and at our merch table!

…Because you worry about paying your super pricey rent and your $300 iphone bill, and your cigarette addiction.

Playing music as a career is super tricky and requires you to live like a bum for a while. Live somewhere cheap (or be homeless if you tour all the time) and don’t be so materialistic. Try to not go to bars for a few weeks or give up drinking for a little while. Alcohol and cigarettes are expensive! I am blown away by how many musicians smoke and drink and wonder why they are so broke!

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