Thursday, March 18, 2010

Leaving Tonight

Leaving tonight for Philly to start the 50/50 thing. Wish me luck.

I just want people to get off their computers and go do something.

This is what this project is about. Sparking some college grads or drop outs to realize it takes a lot of bullshit to accomplish something. If you struggle to pay your rent... don't pay it. Stop drinking every night and save some money for once. The end result might takes year, but set a unique goal and do it.

Expect a blog to keep everyone updated on how the project is going.


Trey Explode said...

super positive

When you come to Iowa for 50/50, if you aren't able to record in Fairfield for some reason, you can definitely hang out at my place in Ames again. We have a basement that you could easily record something in.

Christopher said...

Hey dude, I was the guy who gave you 11 cents and a guitar pick at the Netherfriends/Glitter Bones/Deakin concert. I absolutely loved your show, and am looking forward to seeing you at Pitchfork.

If hit up Indiana before May 18, and would like to travel through South Bend for the project, you can stay with me at the University of Notre Dame. (And I could potentially collaborate if you're on your own, but that's another discussion). Anyways, if this sounds good to you, contact me at I'd be glad to help out in any capacity (but after May 18, I will no longer be here - graduation).

Peace, and good luck.