Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Halfway through Illinois, Graham started driving our van for the first time and after 5 min. and whattaya know...we get pulled over for:
- speeding 9 miles over
- having skulls/feathers hanging on the rearview mirror
- swerving over te fog line
Clearly, our van looks like a buncha potheads are in it but we kinda freaked about getting a speeding ticket since we are broke. Turns out the cop is just trying to find drugs or illegal aliens...he had his big scary K-9 search the outside of the van while Graham got searched. The dumb dog ripped off a piece of our van. He smelled cannabis so the cop kept asking if we'd been around it. He asked us about our band (what kinda music, folk or something?) and asked Graham if he had a dog. Graham said yes, his name is Bubbles. Weird name for a dog, he replied. Graham is wearing a pink sweater with hippos on it and a feather hairclip. He found nothing cuz our van is drug-free and left us with this warning, bidding us safe travels.

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