Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This Is Netherfriends

Who else is going to keep you updated by the minute on what we are doing every day all day?
Answer: Me, because I'm addicted to blogging.

Empty Bottle show tonight was dope. I'd never been there and I must say - it's a quality venue. The people there are really nice, thanks to Ryan for hooking that up. Black Ladies was awesome. They are 2 dudes but they come at you with this huge sound, like a fucking...scary beast-alien. But if it turned you on at the same time.

We love our friends GOLD and The Young Turks (circa 2007).
We also love Tom Cooke and his friends for helping us out with CDs.

Tomorrow is van day for the friends. Carmen VanDiego aka Biggie Smalls is getting a curtain treatment and a good scrub. We are finally done with school for the semester so it's time to relax a bit. Paul's going somewhere cabin-like with his family and I am going to be snowboarding in Denver with my family (see it).

I was watching This Is Spinal Tap on tv the other day and decided to Wikipedia it. You always find some weird facts about movies on Wikipedia. Anyways I ran across this section of the article:

The movie cut a little too close to home for some musicians. Robert Plant, Dee Snider and Ozzy Osbourne all reported that, like Spinal Tap, they had become lost in confusing arena backstage hallways trying to make their way to the stage. Singer Tom Waits claimed he cried upon viewing it and Eddie Van Halen has said that when he first saw the film, everyone else in the room with him laughed as he failed to see the humor in the film. "Everything in that movie had happened to me," Van Halen said.

I mean, that's a little sad and incredibly hilarious at the same time.


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