Thursday, December 6, 2007


Firstly, let it be known that our dearest Paul Newmann initially titled this blog "Netherfirends all purpose blog sight".

On Friday, the three of us played our first "acoustic" set at the house of The Young Turks which was interesting since it was the first time we had even attempted it. We had a lot of fun and hugged a lot.

We just got a new van! It broke down... But we fixed it! and now it works. It took a huge dent out of our wallets so we are working on new merchandise, which includes shirts and buttons designed by Devin Nordmeyer. We are getting CASSETTE tapes for tour via I'm Drinkin' This from Omaha, Nebraska. I'm pretty excited about that...we need a tape player in our van.

Anyways, our last show before tour is next Monday at The Empty Bottle. Here's the temporarily-named schedule for January...


Jan 2 Dekalb, Illinois @ A basement show courtesy of Lauren
Jan 3 Bloomington, Indiana @ The Cinemat
Jan 4 Lansing, Michigan @ Mac’s Bar
Jan 5 Detroit, Michigan @ Scrummage
Jan 6 Toledo, Ohio @ Mickey Finn’s Pub
Jan 7 Bloomington, Illinois @ Porch Honkey House
Jan 8 Bloomington, Indiana @ The Art Hospital
Jan 9 St. Louis, Missouri @ 2 Cents Plain
Jan 10 Des Moines, Iowa @ Vaudeville Mews ** %
Jan 11 Minneapolis, Minnesota @ Castle Greyskull
Jan 12 Milwaukee, Wisconsin @ TBA * (Need venue!)

** Looking for local bands to play with
% Need place to crash, e-mail us

There's probably other things I'd like to share but right now we're all freakin out about Finals. College, man.

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