Monday, April 13, 2009


Pop as fuck!!
I'm buying this one for everyone in my family

In other news:

We have signed with Columbia, MO indie label
Emergency Umbrella

We are now label-mates with acts like: Sinkane (of Montreal), Gentleman Auction House, The Foundary Field Recordings, and Drew Danburry.

We will release our first 6 song EP entitled "Calling You Out" with them in July 09. Distributed nationwide.
This is what the tour looks like this summer:

May Tour

May 20 Chicago, Illinois
May 21 Milwaukee, Wisconsin
May 22 Minneapolis, Minnesota
May 23 Iowa City, Iowa
May 24 Omaha, Nebraska
May 25 Lawrence/Kansas City, Kansas
May 26 Des Moines, Iowa

July Tour

July 3rd – Kick off the tour in Chicago
July 4th – Des Moines/Iowa
July 6th – Milwaukee
July 7th - Omaha
July 8th – Kansas City, MO
July 9th – Oklahoma City
July 10th - Austin
July 11th – Dallas
July 13th – Sante Fe
July 14th – Denver
July 15th – Lawrence KS
July 16th – Columbia MO
July 17th – St.
July 18th – Champaign IL

August Tour

August 14th - Indianapolis
August 15th – Columbus
August 17th – Pittsburgh
August 18th – New York
August 19th – New York
August 20th – New York
August 21st - New York
August 22nd – Philadelphia
August 23rd – Baltimore
August 24th – Washington DC
August 25th – Greensboro NC
August 26th – Atlanta
August 27th – Alabama
August 28th – New Orleans
August 29th – Memphis
August 30th – Nashville
August 31st – Cincinati
September 1st - Chicago

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