Friday, January 14, 2011

Blacklisted in Houston

I might be blacklisted in Houston. I was added to a show earlier this week in Houston that I had no idea about until the day of the show. So I had to decline on doing it.

The next show I was notified about a few weeks ago and was told it was 100% booked and the promoter would find locals. We show up to the venue and this guy in a winter coat is inside behind the bar on his computer with the door locked. We tell him we are in the band and ask if we could hang inside because it was cold (who knew Houston would get cold?) and he looked at us confused and said no. No? This was a first. We had to wait at a restaurant bar across the street until 7.

When 7 hit we walked back over to the venue and walked inside. I greet the woman bartender because the first guy is still glued to his computer slumped behind the bar. I tell her I am playing here tonight and she says "Ok." Ok? That's it. I ask the other guy what time the show starts and who else is playing. He slowly and I mean an eternity looks up on his computer and replies, "You are playing." That's it? No locals were booked? I ask "Who booked this show?" He replies, "Me, I'm the owner."

Holy shit. Now ladies and gentleman I have played shows with no locals many many many times and I have played shows to no one countless times before. I have dealt with assholes sound guys, bookers, and bar tenders, but I was about to throw a bar stool and this douchebag. He had no respect for anyone and just didn't give a fuck.
My friend and I go back to the van to regroup and discuss. We see an old man with a skullet and broken glasses get dropped off with a bag of mics and mic stands. Oh shit, the sound guy is here. We decide to see what his take on all of this was. He seemed reasonable. He was able to call the real promoter of the show who was very apologetic about the lack of locals and was in and out of the ER for the last week. So I understand and not blaming the real promoter of the show for this lame situation.

The sound guy even reasoned with the owner to see if we could still get some gas money if no one shows up. The owner came up with this gem. Netherfriends will get paid 8% of the bar sales after $200 in bar sales were made. It was around 8 and not a single person was in this bar. It was Thursday. I called a friend from Houston who said he might be able to help us hop on another show.

The sound guy gave us until 8:30 to decide and would pester me every 5 minutes to ask what time it was. My friend didn't get back to me and we decided to bail and go to Austin. This was a first. I would usually play a show regardless, but the vibe I was getting from the owner and the venue just irked me. The sound guy told us he only get's paid $25 if people show up. We almost had to give him a ride back to his house Fucking said shit!

Checking my blood pressure after the show drama.


Owlie And The Cello said...

Checking Houston off the list. So horrible! The picture is priceless.

the back pockets said...


Pam said...

Sorry that Houston rubbed you the wrong way. It's actually really awesome! Next time you come through (which I hope you do), let me know or the Caddywhompus boys and we'll make sure to set something sick up for you! Gotta give it another chance. Mango's is a shit hole. Super Happy Fun Land is a shit hole too. You never want to play there. Sorry, Back Pockets.

shawn said...

So February 2nd is supposed to be another Houston encounter. Suggestions Pam?

Pam said...

The venue to play right now is Fitzgerald's. Or if you want to do a house party, Indie Houston.