Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pizza Power Bicycle Tour

Alright!!! First Bike tour a success! Although, I did lose a drummer along the way. Oops.

Well I am doing round 2 of the bicycle tour, but this time each show is going to be a pizza party. I got the idea from a house venue in Lawrence, KS called Pizza Power. The concept is a house show where I will provide the dough, sauce, and cheese and people attending the show will bring a little cash donation, beer, and (most importantly) some toppings to add to the pizza. Sounds fun, right?!

Here are the dates:

2nd PhilaMOCA Philadelphia, PA
3rd House show Newark, DE
4th Bike day
5th Baltimore, MD TBA
6th Washington DC TBA
7th Bike Day
8th Bike Day (unless you have a house in Fredericksburg, VA)

I also need a bicycle partner to come along.
If you have a house in these areas suitable for a house show... hit me up!

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