Monday, June 27, 2011

Summer albums

Alright! The new LP is finished. Finding a home for the first LP from the 50 songs 50 states project. This album will feature tracks from the midwest states Very excited! Up next for the summer is finish two smaller records.

WOMEN (Can't Live Without Them, Can't Live Without Them.) This will be an album of songs I recorded while I was in Hawaii and it will have different female singers recording the main vocals. I will be naming the songs after each girl.

NETHERFRIENDS DOES NILSSON I will be sampling Harry Nilsson songs and creating my own songs on top of them. I will be releasing them for free on the internet. (obviously.)

Best Summer ever? Yes.


Kathy said...
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Qommy said...

so the new lp is finished? and that image is the.... cover art? and when will the smaller albums come out. questions, questions.... Exited though! Love Netherfriends and im psyched for the new record. reccomended you guys on my blog.

shawn said...

HA! I wish that was going to be the album cover! New LP is finished. Smaller albums will come out in the fall or sooner. Thanks!