Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bloomington, IN

Here is the Bloomington, IN song.
Here is what happened in the state when I recorded the song.

1/7/11 Bloomington, Indiana

This show was the start of the tour heading south to Austin where I will be based for the rest of the 50 songs 50 states tour. I had a drummer bail on me so I had to perform solo. I would be looping drums, voice, keys, melodica, and guitar live. The first show was at the venue called The Bishop. Small turn out, but it was fine. I stayed with this guy Tim who played in FRANK SCHWEIKHARDT band and his wife’s house. We played Scattergories with a bunch of their friends and ate homemade Kettle Corn. It started to snow a lot and I got nervous and little did I know what trouble the snow will have for me. I recorded the song in their guest room in the morning and wrote about the power of women in a man’s life. I really regret leaving Chicago when I did.

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