Thursday, August 5, 2010

Too Week EP Netherfriends/Heartichoke split

Netherfriends x Heartichoke - Too Week EP (limited release to 50 copies)

To be released this Sunday on CDR at the Inconvenience, come see both bands perform the Lollapalooza after party.

Too Week EP was written and recorded in two weeks by Netherfriends and Heartichoke.

On track 1 and 3, each artist recorded the basic progression and vocals to the other’s workstation allowing them to create the additional arrangement. Track 2 and 4 consisted of one guitar progression recorded by two microphones, one going into each other’s computer, the rest was decided by the respective artist.

Netherfriends x Heartichoke

Too Week EP

1. Ghost
2. Yawn PR
3. I Am Not A Misogynist
4 List I Have

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