Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall 2010 Tour (please come out)

Sep 27 2010 Schuba’s w/ Women Chicago, Illinois
Sep 29 2010 The No Fun House Kalamazoo, Michigan
Sep 30 2010 Cabaret Playhouse (Pop Montreal Festival) Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
Oct 4 2010 Piano's New York, NY

Oct 5 2010 The Spot w/ The Zoo Keepers Boston, Massachusetts
Oct 8 2010 Charm City Art Space Baltimore, Maryland
Oct 11 2010 Strange Matter Richmond, VA
Oct 14 2010 529 Atlanta, Georgia Find Tickets
Oct 15 2010 Farside Collective Tallahassee, FL
Oct 16 2010 The Bengal Tiger Clemson, South Carolina
Oct 17 2010 Yerb Richmond, VA
Oct 19 2010 Arlene's Grocery (No Correct Way CMJ party) New York, NY
Oct 22 2010 Pete's Candy Store (CMJ showcase) New York, Nueva York
Nov 8 2010 Empty Bottle (Record Release of Barry and Sherry on vinyl) Chicago, Illinois
Nov 16 2010 The Whistler (free) Chicago, Illinois

There are a lot of holes... if you live in NJ or NH or anywhere near an empty date and can help book a show in your state please help! I want to play more house shows. Playing coffee shops with acoustic acts is kinda a drag and playing bars with funk bands is torture. I guess that's all you can get in South Dakota... Thanks.

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