Sunday, May 3, 2009


This is Paul Newmann

I am going to go as far as saying he is the BEST and most creative drummer I have ever played with in my life.

He will not be touring with us at the moment (one day he will) and I am having a TERRIBLE time finding a replacement. Spread the word that we are looking for a touring drummer for July and August (both only 2 week tours). This replacement will be payed a modest amount per show and should be everything Paul is and more.

July 21st is the official release date of our first 6 song EP Calling You Out being released by Emergency Umbrella

ALSO: Yesterday we recorded a Daytrotter session, which was surreal and everything I could ever want it to be. Expect the session to be posted this summer.

Love you guys! Maybe leave a comment or something... so I don't feel like I'm just typing to myself.


maxax said...

hey i'll drum for you on those tours, on one condition: you teach me how to drum.

neuroglyphix said...

you guys did a Daytrotter session?! fucking awesome; can't wait to hear it. congratulations!