Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This is Why I Hate New York City (read before you blow up in anger)

Alright Alright... Calm down! Don't go up in arms about this post. I got in a little trouble for twittering about NYC yesterday and I want to go into a bit of detail about it. As a small band, playing this city can be a very humbling/lame experience. It has been getting better though and I am told as you get bigger as a band the shows get better. (DUH) I know NYC has the resources, but I wish it wasn't the case. I have friends and family from this city too, so to answer your question...NO! I will keep playing in NYC to see them and play for the industry resources.

Here are reasons why I hate New York City:

1. There are so many shows every night, what makes your show special. It's almost as if no matter what you do here, people will seem indifferent with it. Time is precious. Don't waste a New Yorker's time. So many let downs. This statistic was taken from a Martin Atkins book that was given to me:

Number of Bands City performing each week
LA 1764 to 2940
NYC 741 to 1235
Boise 39 to 65

***Data taken from www.villagevoice.com, LA Weekly, and Boiseweekly.com (See Appendix for expanded charts). I haven't been to LA enough to complain about it.

2. There are almost 19 million people in NYC.

New York City is a small place for so many people crammed into it. If you've ever been on tour with me, you've witnessed my growing anger for this place. It's like rush hour 24 hours a day. It really just proves that YOU don't matter. Get off the road and get out of my city JERK!

3. The parking in Manhattan is atrocious.

I had to sit in the van double parked from the hours of 10:45-12:30 for street cleaning because everyone double parks on one side of the street until the cleaning is over. KILL ME NOW. Suffocate me with one of those delicious jumbo slices from Brooklyn.

4. $4 for a PBR can at a bar in Manhattan.
This bartender said it best at the venue last night when he saw how I shocked I was at the price. "This isn't the Rainbo Club in Chicago." GOD DAMN! I can't even afford getting buzzed in your city. Especially when I have to beg you to get a mere $20 and 3 drink tickets for playing your venue! (Note: this happened a while ago.)

5. If you don't have a good time in NYC... you are LOSER.

I guess I am a loser. I feel like I am forced to have fun and I lose my mind every time. I am tired of site seeing in this city. I came here so much as a kid, that it has lost it's appeal. I bring different people with me on tour and there is always someone who hasn't been to Times Square. YUCK.

I'm sorry New Yorkers don't hate me... I promise to keep coming back to perform for you even if you are too busy to come to the show. Hi Beth.

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Greg said...

yea its tough. keep up the good fight