Friday, October 22, 2010

This is Why Your Band is AMAZING!

Some Publicists people are stupid. They will accuse you of being things you aren't... like an asshole or a trust fund baby(?) Yeah, payola is really paying off for Netherfriends, especially since you can now use EBT to get radio play and blog write ups. With the This is Why Your Band Sucks column a handful of people aren't getting through the title and getting the wrong idea (pretension.) Please, read the following (if you can) and replace band with ________:

…Because you think your band is special or different from the rest

You are not special. I am not special. We will never will be. Be modest and respectful. We play music because we love to or because this is all we know. There is no need to be a pompous asshole. I hope these columns actually helps someone out. It really hurts to see some bands get their dreams crushed, because of how oblivious they are.

Here are a few bands that I was blown away by on tour and you should seriously check out because I do in fact love seeing new bands.

Octopus Jones
Feeding Frenzy
The Back Pockets
Chad Lore
The Zoo Keepers

Sorry if I forgot your band... it's been kind of a blur these past 3 months.

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