Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stupidity is Bliss

Every 23 year old goes through this fear in life. Stupid people exist in this world and we have to communicate, work, and live with these people for the rest of our depressing lives. Scary eh?

I think the YouTube comments alone can freak a person out. Doesn't your browser come with spell check?

mizzcloey (1 hour ago)

dis movie is shit! the start is gr8 but gets very confusing and hard t follow.. the very end is the most confusing!!! *van stops, woman gets out says to boy "could i have one of those?" boy says "are you a sinner?" woman says after kilin 2 ppl "sumtyms" takes one and drives off the boys go on to find the bodys!! its shit!! DONT WTCH IT NLESS U WANT T ENDUCE BORDEM AND CONFUSION! sry to any1 who likes it or hasnt seen t! A its based n a true story, bt d kilers avent bin caut so its also lyin!!!

Now I leave you with this:

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