Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mid-FI pop

SO, I get it... low-fi is the shit and anyone can do it. We live in tough times and recording in studios is expensive BLAH BLAH BLAH. Well I am not buying it anymore! What if each of us learned a little about recording and maybe tried a tiny bit harder to get a decent sound, instead of making noisy sub-par music deemed COOL at the moment?
I think I will refer to Netherfriends as Mid-fi psych pop. Mid-fi is music recorded DIY, but isn't recorded half-assed. This is not a suggestion to throw your 4-track recorders out! This is not an analog vs. digital debate! This is a plea to start recording music that doesn't sound like it's underwater or so distorted and crackly that it sounds like you recorded on an answering machine and then converted it to a scratched 45. With all this being said, I like a handful of lo-fi bands, but I am getting sick of every band on that farmer's tool website calling themselves Lo-fi because they were super stoned or because everyone else is doing it.
I record all of the Netherfriends songs in my bedroom and so does that dude Wavves. Difference? He makes more money and my recordings don't suck. The END.

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